What I believe every human being is entitled to

I believe every human being is entitled to membership in a local, real-world community of people in which:

  • The members agree to take responsibility for each other’s welfare—especially the welfare of the children, but that of everyone else as well.
  • The members share certain beliefs and ideals in common—whether these beliefs and ideals be viewed as “religious” or as “secular.”
  • The beliefs, ideals, and rules of practice of each community are stated in authoritative writings whose meanings are clear, unambiguous, and in no way misleading, deceptive, or unnecessarily confusing; and which were originally written in the language spoken by the members of the community.

If a community of this kind is not available to every person, then I furthermore believe that every human being has not only the right, but also the obligation, to actively oppose the efforts of any individual or group that is working, whether directly or indirectly, to prevent such communities from coming into being and being made freely available to all persons.